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Managing Stormwater with Whitsunday Regional Council

Managing stormwater with Whitsunday regional council


From March to June 2016 we worked with Whitsunday Regional Council and Healthy Waterways to produce guidance material that will help new developments in the Whitsunday region to sustainably manage the impacts of their stormwater. While Whitsunday Regional Council isn’t one of the most populated or fastest growing local governments in Queensland, it sits adjacent the Great Barrier Reef. Council recognised that tangible impact that urban development can have upon this important natural asset and decided to produce guidance to assist it to mitigate this impact in a manner that is sustainable in all respects.


You can find the guideline on the  Whitsunday Regional Council website.


It is a really exciting time in stormwater in Queensland. Collectively we have been managing stormwater for long enough now to have learnt from our early successes and failures. We're beginning to see people innovate left right and centre. It's exciting to be able to bring some of this to Whitsunday Regional Council.

In conjunction with Council, Healthy Waterways and the local development sector we:

  • produced stormwater quality guideline that will in the future become a Council planning scheme policy
  • assisted Healthy Waterways to update their MUSIC Modelling Guidelines to reflect recent advances in MUSIC modelling, and the most recent version of the program. The guideline will be available in the near future.
  • drafted content for a future Healthy Waterways guideline on how to design self-watering street trees. The document is based upon the experiences of Brisbane City Council

 We would like to thank everyone involved for a great project. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun (how could we not while visiting the Great Barrier Reef region!) Thank you all.

From July 2016 to April 2017 we continued to work with Whitsunday Regional Council to develop codes and related provisions for their planning scheme. These provisions will form a head of power for stormwater quality management in new development in the Whitsunday region.

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