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Our facility

The cheeky part of us wants to point out that when it comes to movement, the world is our facility, but that's not what you meant right?

Our facility is humble.

When it comes to movement you either want crazy diverse or crazy simple. Normal gyms and madness lie in the middle.

Our facility is a small open plan space with a lot of toys. Balance beams, weights, matting, a climbing frame. With the simplicity comes great opportunity.


“When creating your art allows for no editing, train as if every detail matters but perform as if nothing does.”


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“Our bodies evolved for (and therefore depend upon) a world of immensely varied movement.
In a modern world devoid of natural movement variety, our movement practice must supply the variety”


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“The whole is not only greater from the sum of its part, it emerges from their interactions.”



Monday to Friday

5:30aM - 9:15AM - 5:00PM




“A healthy movement practice reduces mental and physical stress.”

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Meet coach Jack.

Jack’s initial interest in movement started much like many coaches you’ll come across in the fitness industry. As a teenager he found a sport that he loved. In Jack’s case it was BikeTrials. (This should hint that at some point this story will diverge from the ordinary).

Jack pursued BikeTrials competition on the international stage and frankly got annihilated by many talented international riders. Committed to improving, Jack tried a whole range of training approaches (there’s no such thing as a BikeTrials coach); many of which you would recognise.

Jack’s riding imporved.

He got injured as well.

This started a 10-year long journey (to this point) to learn about and apply safe movement practices. Today this journey manifests itself as Ideanthro Movement. A movement practice rooted in real human movement and that is “effective, fun and safe across a lifetime.”


“If you want to learn an isolated skill practice it over and over. If you want to learn a skill for the real world, play in situations that require that skill.”



Unlimited Classes (MOST POPULAR!)

$50 per week, billed fortnightly. There are no contract terms associated with your membership. Your anniversary date will be the first day you start training with us and your payments will be processed each fortnight in advance. At Ideanthro Movement, we have NO sign-up fees, NO cancellation fees and NO administration fees. See note below about membership holds and holidays.

Additional family member

10% discount ($45/week) (nuclear family only)

10 session pass

$180 (6 month expiry)

INTRO Sessions

$90 for a single one-on-one session to learn the basics of what and how we train.


$50 for a one-on-one session targeted at developing a particular skill.

Drop in session

$25 or buy a shirt


Coming soon!

Membership Holds

Membership holds are only available for more than 4-weeks and require 7 days notice via email before the corresponding payment.


Please note, all public holidays as well as a down period after Christmas are factored into your fees and no pauses for this time will be processed or approved. That is, we take holidays every now and again, but to avoid ridiculous admin fees we simply factor this into your weekly membership rate. You can expect us to close for all public holidays plus a two to three week period just after Christmas (duration depends on what day of the week Christmas falls on). If you want to stop your membership for one month then please follow the details as listed above.