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The WSUD Map

The wsud map


One of the best ways to learn about water sensitive urban design and stormwater treatment assets is to get out and visit them!

But where to find them?

Jolly good question. The map below shows the location of a whole range of stormwater treatment assets. Good or bad, it doesn't matter. So long as they are vaguely water sensitive, they get added to the list so that you can go and visit them.

A word of warning. Use your common sense. Some of these systems are on private land. Some of them are hard to get to. Some probably have wild animals in them. By all means go and visit them, but keep yourself safe and stay out of anywhere that you shouldn't be. You're not playing Pokemon Go!


- REcognition -

The concept and inspiration for The WSUD Map came from a discussion with Stephen Turfrey. Thank you immensely for your continued contribution to all things stormwater management Stephen.

- contributors -

This is where we recognise people (besides ourselves) who have contributed to The WSUD Map.

Toby Bennett

Emma James

Jarrod Luxton

Leonid Bronfentrinker

Floris Boogaard

Adam Berry

- contribute to the map -

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