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Teaching WSUD with the UNESCO-IHE in Delft

Teaching WSUD with the UNESCO-IHE in Delft


- 2016 -

In July 2016 we had to the opportunity to spend a day with the students at the UNESCO-IHE in Delft in The Netherlands. We presented our experiences with WSUD in Australia to a truly international group of students from places such as Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, The Philippines, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

We had a great time. A massive thank you to Assela Pathirana of the UNESCO-IHE for making it happen, and to Brian McIntosh of the International Water Centre for introducing us to Assela!

Drop us a line if you want to know more.

Oh by the way. Delft is beautiful. The Netherlands is a beautiful country. It features in many of our videos.

- 2017 -

In July 2017 we returned to Delft for another great day working with students at the UNESCO-IHE. This year we were worked with students from China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Suriname.

While in The Netherlands we met with a range of water practitioners and learnt about WSUD in the Dutch context. Here's a sample of what we learnt.