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Our approach


Real Human Movement

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The movement our bodies need and our minds want

The human body evolved in an immensely diverse and varied natural world. Our bodies evolved an equally diverse array movement to suit that world. But what evolves to suit a paradigm often comes to depend upon it. The modern world doesn’t deliver the diversity or variety of movement situations that our bodies come to expect and we suffer for it. We cultivate a movement practice that mimics the patterns and variety of movement our bodies evolved to both deliver and require.

Movement that is practical.
Movement that is fun.
Movement that is safe.
Movement that is varied.

Movement - Movement - Movement


“The human body displays emergence.
The combination (rather the presence) of multiple parts produces properties beyond the sum of those parts.”


A typical class

At it’s simplest? A group of people moving together and having fun. But you wanted a better description than that right?
You can think of a class as four 15-minute blocks (but in reality we often deviate from this model!)

Briefing and Warm Up

We use natural human movements to get the body prepped for the session. We take the time to loosen up and get moving. We then take you through the plan for the session so you know where we’re going.


Skill is a huge component of human movement. The traditional fitness industry overlooks it in favour of constantly striving to move faster and lift heavier. That’s a road to nowhere. We take the time to learn effective movement skills that you can use at work and play. Increasing skill is the safest way to become fitter!

Move or Play

We have news for you. Getting your heart rate up is important. Beating yourself up is not. We use this block to get a sweat on. Sometimes that comes in the form of a workout, but often it looks suspiciously like play. Why play? Because play breeds variety. Play develops skills. Play is fun.


At the end of every session we take the time to reflect on and integrate what we’ve learnt. We combine this with gentle movement and mobility drills and meditation to ensure you leave each session feeling refreshed.


“Much of what we think we know has depths never ventured to because we mistake the surface for the bottom.” - Zat Rana


Week to week and month to month

Beyond the individual class our practice is structured into ongoing “themes”. In each theme we focus on a particular aspect of movement. Perhaps it’s balance. Maybe its lifting. It could be timing. It might even be the interplay of tension and relaxation. A theme might last for a week, or several. It’s doesn’t dominate everything that we do in that week or weeks, but it certainly flavours it. When a theme is over, it’s not forgotten. We revisit past themes regularly. For example, that which is learnt in a theme focusing on lifting might be used as a base to explore how timing effects our ability to lift.


I don’t think the most inspiring thing is the treasures revealed… I think the most inspiring thing of all is the willingness to explore those dead ends.
- Sean Albo Nicolle, Republic of Movement


Beginners and the experienced

Our movement practice is infinitely scale-able. That means that it can be adjusted for all experience levels in the one class. A tight rope walker might be able to relatively safely balance high in the air, but that doesn’t make it sensible for you or me. Instead we might practice balance on a wooden beam placed on the floor. The skill being developed is the same. The difficulty and consequences are appropriate for the individual. To take the analogy further; the elderly benefit from training balance, but even a wooden beam on the floor may pose too much risk. But a line drawn on the floor? That could do the trick! We scale everything to your ability and help you to grow from there.


“The teacher is as much the student as the student.”


Boost Your skills

In addition to our normal group training, we also offer one-on-one 30-minute ‘skill booster’ sessions. These sessions are perfect if you want help with a specific movement or skill.


“Your body is harmed most by what you do to build only it.”




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