Stormwater 2018 - Our seven favourite things


Hi there,

We recently returned from the Stormwater 2018 conference. This might sound funny, but we didn’t really have many expectations going in. Not low expectations, we just didn’t think much about it in the lead up. However it turned out to be a great conference. In this episode we discuss our 7 favourite things from Stormwater 2018.

The follow is a list of links relevant to the episode:

Regarding Brad Dalrymple’s presentation about stormwater offsets:

  • Keep an eye out of episode 259, where Brad and I will sit down for a chat about offsets and much, much more.

Regarding Alan Hoban’s presentation:

  • Refer to episode 213 for a discussion of water losses in bioretention.

  • Refer to episode 230 for a discussion of recent research which questions the conventional wisdom about how much pollution is generated by urban stormwater.

  • Refer to episode 231 for a discussion with Alan Hoban about how to deal with these challenging topics.

Keep an eye out for episode 260 where Jonas Larson and I will be chatting about his research.

Episode 253 is where you will find an example of a bioretention system being modified by the community for bike riding (relevant to the presentation by Sophia Findlay and Anna Milner).

Regarding Blue Mountains Council’s low cost bioretention systems and everything I love about them:

  • Episode 208 is where I wax lyrical.

  • Upcoming episode 261 is where I will soon be giving an update, 12 months on.

For a conversation with Mark Liebman about treating stormwater as a resource, refer to episode 211.

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