Fascinating bioretention and a friend


Hi there,

So… it turns out that these bioretention systems have grown themselves a mini-series here on Ideanthro. We’re talking about it again.

Today we’re joined by Hermann Paulenz. Hermann watched the first two episodes about this bioretention system and he and I got into an interesting conversation in the comments on YouTube and LinkedIn. So interesting in fact that we figured that we should make a time to chat in person. That chat is what you see here.

In this episode, we discuss recent things that I have learnt about the site, and Hermann proposes some ideas for how to investigate the source of the sediment entering the bioretention systems.



BTW - Want to learn more about bioretention? Check out our Bioretention in the Real World course.

BTW BTW - What to see this site in person? Find it on The WSUD Map. It’s item number B00654.