Bioretention is predictable


Hi everyone,

It turns out the bioretention is predictable. Not easy to predict. But predictable nonetheless.

Why are we talking about this?

Over the past 9 years I’ve commonly heard people claim that bioretention systems are really unpredictable. You have a great system one minute and the next its off gallivanting around with the swale from next door. Or at the next least loosing all its plants and clogging up with sediment.

This assertion has always bothered me because it didn’t fit with my own observations. However I never had a single clear example to demonstrate that bioretention systems do in fact obey the principle of cause and effect.

Until now that is!

In this episode I show you a series of bioretention systems that demonstrate that the behaviour of bioretention systems is predictable (and that’s a very useful thing if you’re trying to manage them).