That's like WSUD - Going slow


Hi there,

A couple of episodes back, we took inspiration from Ray Dalio's recent interview on the Tim Ferriss Show to discuss the parallels between the factors that contribute to a successful life (as defined by Ray) and those that might contribute to success in implementing WSUD.

Well... I'm now reading Ray's book! That means, we're drawing inspiration from him again. 

In the book, Ray describes how he learnt to deal with dichotomy's in investing. A dichotomy is where two things, objectives, choices etc appear to be completely opposite. In investing, the typical assumed dichotomy is between risk and returns. Typically it is thought that you can't have high returns and low risk. It's thought to be either high risk, high return or low risk, low return. Ray argues that if you take long enough to think about the situation, most dichotomy's don't actually exist. This struck us as useful to consider in the context of WSUD, particularly in light of our last episode about the need to do more with less in WSUD.