That's like WSUD - The king of scramble


Hi there,

Marcelo Garcia is considered one of the best grapplers (think wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu) in the world. Josh Waitzkin was a child chess prodigy turned martial arts world champion and master learner.

In an interview for the Tim Ferriss show, Josh describes how Marcelo (his friend) is known in the martial arts world as 'the king of scramble'. The nickname came about, because while Marcelo is a very strong martial artist in conventional grappling techniques and positions, his real talent is his ability to transition between from one position to another better than anyone else in the world.

This got us thinking about WSUD. WSUD is on a journey as it evolves. The way WSUD currently looks today will not be the same as the water sensitive city of the future. While it's very tempting to get comfortable with the current WSUD paradigm, maybe there is something to be learnt from Marcelo when it comes to being comfortable in the transition...

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