That's like WSUD - The art of learning


Hi everyone,

Josh Waitzkin is a former child chess prodigy turned martial arts world champion and author, but his real skill is learning and performance. In his book, the Art of Learning (which, by the way, is a great book) Josh describes the challenges he faced while writing his first book about chess. As an accomplished chess player, Josh found it challenging to take the many concepts that he had internalised, and unearth them in order to teach them in the book.

Josh's challenges reminded me a little bit of WSUD. Particularly the challenge that I currently see us having developing scoring systems to rate the condition of vegetated stormwater treatment assets. I know many people who can very accurately assess a system and talk about its condition, but when it comes to codifying this in a teachable and repeatable framework... well I've never seen it work...

Perhaps we can learn something from Josh's experience.