Tony Weber's passion for water



Tony Weber is well known in our industry for his passion and knowledge for water. Several weeks ago Tony made a post on Facebook that caught our attention...

"Around 25 years ago I first started understanding stormwater and hydrology thanks to this place, The Crump weir at Sandy Creek, Indooroopilly. Who would've thought a bit of concrete and some water would allow me to travel the world, helping to save rivers in some amazing places in Australia and overseas. I consider myself very fortunate to love what I do and do what I love, and a lot of that is due to what I learned from this place." - Tony Weber


The more that we speak to people in this industry, the more that we realise that everyone has a story of how they found and well in love with water, WSUD or waterways. How could we resist the opportunity to sit down with Tony, hear his story and pick his brains.