Researching maintenance of stormwater control measures



Last week at the Stormwater 2016 conference on the Gold Coast I had the opportunity to meet Andrew Thomas. When I found out that Andrew is conducting research into the maintenance of stormwater treatment devices (or stormwater control measures as Andrew and many others refer to them) I couldn’t help but arrange a time for us to sit down and discuss his research on camera.

During our conversation Andrew puts out a call for data on the condition of stormwater control measures owned by local governments. Andrew’s research will benefit greatly from such data. If you have this data, you can contact Andrew at A quick word of warning though. For Andrew to be able to use the data he needs to make sure that it comes with the appropriate permissions. So, if you have data, send him an email saying that you have access to data, and you can both take it from there.

Thanks for tuning in!