Alan Hoban - Always observing


Hi everyone,

I am super excited about this episode. Why I hear you ask?

Because for the very first time we have a guest on the show.

Alan Hoban is someone who I really look up to. I look up to him for a bunch of reasons. He’s really intelligent. He’s passionate. He wants to improve the world.

Most of all though, I look up to Alan because of his incisive ability to see things differently. I have lost count of the number of times that I have been in rooms with really smart people working on a problem in what appears to be a logical fashion, only the have Alan chip in with an absolute gem that completely reframes the problem (in a good way).

This episode is the first of two with Alan (for now… hopefully there will be more in the future).

I really want to know more about how Alan has these incisive insights. It’s a skill I want to poach from Alan. In this episode we head out to an old gross pollutant trap that Alan hasn’t been to before. I follow Alan as he goes about investigating the site. We dig into what, and more importantly why he does what he does.

Some topics we touch on include:

  • Alan’s process of investigating the site starts long before he arrived for filming

  • Alan’s sense of smell and whether it’s more sensitive than mine

  • Field investigations versus desktop analysis

I hope that you enjoy this episode with Alan Hoban.

Keep an eye out for episode two with Alan where we get into the details of the site and look for solutions.


Jack Mullaly

Jack Mullaly