Ryan Leech - Self evolution


Hi everyone,

In recent times I have become absolutely fascinated by how the techniques, habits and even tricks that lead to success and good things in one aspect of life, often lead to success in other aspects of life.

In today's episode we get a chance to explore this in a way that you might initially think is a little unusual. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Leech. Ryan is best known as a professional mountain biker  and trials rider. In more recent times he has found success as a yoga coach and a life coach. He's a really thoughtful guy and a pleasure to speak with. 

Ryan and I chatted about his experiences in many aspects of life, and we attempted to relate those back to the stormwater and water sensitive urban design worlds. We explore exactly what we can learn from these seemingly distinct aspects of life, and how we can use it to evolve as people.

I really enjoyed the chat and want to extend a big thank you to Ryan for being willing to get involved in this slightly left field interview. If you want to know more about Ryan then check out his website, or simply google his name.

Now, I curious to know what you think of the chat. Let me know!