Defining functioning bioretention 1



Howdy Ideanthro readers and viewers!

I think today’s episode is a really important one. If we’re going to talk about bioretention systems and how best to design and manage them then we need to have a handle on how to define if a system is functioning or not. It is a lot easier to decide if a system is functioning or not if we can agree on what functional means. Thankfully this is actually a really simple and useful task.

In this episode we come at this from a water quality treatment point of view. We go for a wander around a bioretention system and find that there are two high level things to look for when determining whether a system is functional from a water quality point of view. We find out that a whole bunch of other potential problems make a lot more sense when viewed through the lens of these two high level goals.

In the future we hope to extend this beyond water quality to other bioretention functions and other elements of water sensitive urban design. What do you think? Can you see how the broad concept could apply?



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