Bioretention drainage profiles


Hi everyone,

Today we’re continuing our look at different types of bioretention system, but we’re taking a different tack. Episodes 3 through 7 (sorry for the mistake in the video where I refer to video 2) looked at different types of system based on their size, where they are in the landscape and other elements like that. Those episodes describe systems such as precinct scale systems, large systems, bioretention street trees and so on. In this case, we’re grouping the systems by what goes on underground and out of site.

In this episode we group bioretention systems into four different types of drainage profile. These are the same four types of drainage profile used in Healthy Waterways’ Bioretention Technical Design Guideline. Now the thing about drainage profiles is that they can be combined with any of the types of bioretention system that we looked at in the earlier episodes. If you take the five types that we looked at previously and combine them with these four drainage profiles and you can begin to see how flexible bioretention design can be. With 20 combinations you can really adapt them to suit your particular needs and the needs of your site.


Jack Mullaly