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Managing Assets with Brisbane City Council

Managing assets with Brisbane City Council


From January to June 2016 Jack spent a couple of days a week working with Brisbane City Council's City Projects team to help Council manage its WaterSmart assets as best as possible.

WaterSmart is the term used in Brisbane City Council to refer to its Water Sensitive Urban Design activities.

This project involved three main tasks:

  • A review of Council's existing WaterSmart asset management status - Brisbane City Council is a very large organisation. Before embarking on the project, Jack met with and spoke to a large number of Council officers involved in the management of Council's WaterSmart assets. Jack mapped out the current status of Council's management of its assets.
  • Developing alternate WaterSmart asset handover procedures - Ensuring that WaterSmart are appropriately constructed and handed over to the organisation that will maintain them is a high priority for organisations wishing to manage their assets as cost effectively as possible. Brisbane City Council already has a WaterSmart asset handover process, but was interested in exploring alternate approaches to improve outcomes. Jack worked with Brisbane City Council staff to document alternate processes and complete a cost benefit analysis of each. One of the processes was an innovative approach whereby the devleoper would partially construct the WaterSmart asset, and pay Council a contribution to complete it at a suitable time. Such a process is advantageous for both developers and local government. Various other Councils have since expressed interested in this approach. 
  • Developing a Cost Benefit Analysis Tool for WaterSmart assets - Jack worked with Council staff to develop an excel spreadsheet based tool that assesses the costs and benefits associated with different approaches to maintaining WaterSmart assets. The tool is simple to run (we promise it is... you just need to look past it's complex looks...) and can be used to estimate maintenance budget requirements, prioritise works and support maintenance budget bids.

From August 2016 till June 2017 Jack returned to work with BCC. This time around Jack is worked with BCC staff to run the WaterSmart Cost Benefit Analysis Tool to support the development of future WaterSmart asset maintenance budgets. This involved running some 40+ scenarios testing the most cost effective and efficient options for managing these assets.

Thanks to the Brisbane City Council crew for creating the opportunity for Jack to be involved in fun and innovative projects.

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