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Getting Started


Hi there!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing our Bioretention in the Real World Course. It means a lot to us that you value our opinion enough to learn from us!

Having got this far you might have noticed something (if not, you’re about to!). This course has A LOT of a material! A lot of videos to be precise. Please don’t freak out too badly about that. The course distils eight years of accumulated bioretention knowledge and many hundreds of visits to many hundreds of bioretention sites. To get a sense for how to use the course, watch the video below as the first thing you do!

One thing I will say before you do that is this. The course has several different types of video. In some, I teach. In others, I help you teach yourself (those are interpretation exercises, and they are the real gold in the course). You will choose a path through the training that suits you! This path will depend on your experience level with bioretention.


1) Watch the video below.

2) With the help of the video and the written guide, choose your path through the training.

3) Dive in!

Thanks again for choosing our course!

If you have any questions, check out the frequently asked questions (and if that doesn’t do it, contact us).

Jack Mullaly

Crazed Founder (and bioretention tragic), Ideanthro


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(that video you just watched was Module 1)