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Certificate of Completion


To obtain your certificate of completion:

  1. Sign up to either our Content and Certificate or Enterprise plans.

  2. For each of 20 interpretation exercises (at least 15 from Module 6 and another 5 from any module), provide a 200 to 300 word written answer in English demonstrating your ability to understand and critically assess the bioretention system in the context of the question posed in that interpretation exercise.

  3. Save all 20 of your responses as a PDF, being sure to note which interpretation exercise each corresponds with.

  4. Upload the PDF to either Dropbox or Google Drive and share it with jack.mullaly@ideanthro.com.

  5. Complete the submission form below, being sure to include the relevant Dropbox or Google Drive link.

  6. Await our response. We will review your submission and either issue your certificate or ask for clarification of any points in your submission.

Confused? Check out the FAQ.

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Any relevant details, including the link to your submission hosted as a PDF on Dropbox or Google Drive and shared with jack.mullaly@ideanthro.com