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Let me tell you a story...

When I look back at my short career something jumps out at me. I met a bunch of amazing people. They exposed me to some of the best thinking and best ideas in water sensitive urban design in Australia. I was incredibly fortunate that this happened. It gave my career the kick start it needed to allow me to do interesting and hopefully influential work.

There's a problem though. I don't think that most people get this opportunity. I don't think that most people get the chance to spend time with and learn from the leaders in their field. I wonder just how many amazing ideas aren't being brought to the table because we don't share our knowledge freely.

That problem bugged me for a long time. Then something happened. I developed a back problem. It was bad. It got worse and wouldn't go away. Then I fixed it. 

How did I fix it? 

I came across a resource called MobilityWOD (MWOD for short). MWOD's mantra is "All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves." MWOD uses online video to make high quality physiotherapy knowledge and techniques available for free for anyone to take care of their own body. MWOD gave me a tools to fix my back.

And then it struck me. Why not take inspiration from MobilityWOD and use online video to allow everyone to access the best thinking and the best ideas in water sensitive urban design (and other fields that catch my interest) for free in a fun and easily accessible format.

On that note Ideanthro was born.

Our mission is simple. Share knowledge and curate interesting discussions, because we believe that by talking, sharing and creating we can build green, lush cities with water at their heart. Cities where we want to get outside and move!

I encourage you to take a look around, watch the videos, use the resources and when you're done, find a way to share something that you know with as many people as you can. Good things happen when we share.

Update May 2019 - If you’re a regular visitor to the site you will notice some changes. What’s this about movement and film? Stay tuned to find out. In the not too distant future there’ll be a new story to be told here.

Because… what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.

Jack Mullaly

Crazed founder - Ideanthro